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Who we are

reflects the way we operate.

We are a team

of highly experienced but young lawyers and specialists on the commercial real estate market, with a passion for our field. We have been part of that world for more than fifteen years, and have built our knowledge working at the top Polish and international law firms. It is precisely our experience, and a need to form an exceptional, energetic team of professionals, that led us to found our own company. The team is hand-picked – the vast majority are lawyers of renown – and this gives us reason to be proud, while for our clients it is a guarantee that they are working with the best on the market.

We talk specifics

because we focus mainly on one area (real estate). We have created a one-stop-shop for real estate deals, centered around giving specialist advice on commercial real estate and the practice areas that complement them, namely corporate law, tax, and M&A. We are mindful of the needs and specific nature of our clients’ area of business, which means that we propose the optimal but also specially chosen tools and solutions. We always combine a practical approach with being open and original, our professionalism and the speed with which we operate, but also transparency and creativity, give peace of mind and guarantee a result for the firms that retain us.

We take responsibility

from beginning to end. We take an all-embracing approach to every project, and take on responsibility for every step. The real estate market has its own specific rules and we know every aspect of those rules. We are fully aware of the opportunities but also the limits they involve. We are always sincere, because we believe that mutual trust is fundamental to doing business. We go beyond expectations, because we handle every project as if it was part of our own business. We never leave a question unanswered and are always ready to hear a different point of view.

We are partners

and not only to ourselves within the team, but to our clients above all. Partnership at every step, and involvement and knowledge of the entire team, is fundamental to how we operate. In our daily practice we focus on quality of services and of mutual relations, and this is why we always conduct dialog, by listening, talking, and advising, but most of all becoming part of the firm – getting to know our clients’ business and partners at the same time. WE ARE HERE for you.