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Aleksander Duma


For almost ten years, Aleksander has been advising clients on real estate law at every step of the investment process. He has conducted multiple real estate due diligence projects and negotiated the transaction documentation for real estate sale deals. He assists clients with the property development process – from obtaining the required administrative decisions, negotiating terms of contracts with architects and contractors and overseeing execution, to commercialization of the premises.
Aleksander’s practice to date has been corporate housekeeping, including as in-house counsel, for large residential and warehouse facility developers and owners and operators of shopping malls, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Past projects
  • Acting for an investor, overseeing administrative procedures and obtaining construction permits, for instance for buildings located in Warsaw: Q22, Plac Unii, The Tides;
  • Aleksander was in-house counsel for clients such as Kuryłowicz & Associates, Apricot, and BBR, in their internal legal divisions, and for example was head of the legal division of the residential property developer Dantex;
  • He has worked on negotiations of numerous construction work agreements and development management agreements (DMA), concerning for example construction of multi-family residential developments, motorways, large-scale warehousing and production facilities, and office buildings, as well as the NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz;
  • He has represented parties in numerous real estate sale deals, effected as both asset and share deals, of a total value exceeding EUR 1 bn.


Contact details

tel: +48 664 736 252