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As Duch / Lisicki & Partners advised MAS PLC on concluding a lease agreement with Carrefour Polska for commercial premises located in the Nova Park Shopping Center in Gorzów.  

mas plc

As Duch / Lisicki & Partners, we advised our client MAS PLC on concluding a lease agreement with Carrefour Polska for commercial premises located in the Nova Park Shopping Center in Gorzów. Carrefour Polska will take over 1,100 sq.m. of modern commercial space located in the largest shopping mall in the Lubuskie region. This is the first Carrefour supermarket in the city and in the region. The planned commencement date is 14 December 2022. The transaction was led by Piotr Urbanek (Counsel), who was supervised by Artur Lisicki (Partner). Congratulations to our Client and Carrefour Polska!