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DLP Duch / Lisicki & Partners founders Artur Lisicki and Maciej Duch recently had the pleasure of speaking for Legal 500 on different sorts of topics


(i) unsurprisingly we’ve observed a significant slowdown in real estate transactions;

(ii) there is still a significant mismatch between vendors’ and purchasers’ expectations concerning the price;

(iii) nonetheless we strongly believe that there will be more transactions in the near future (QIV / QI / QII next year);

(iv) sentiment and mentality delivered by macroeconomic factor and reports show that monetary policies are being tightened and this shift has already started, which means that cheaper money will be available on the market. This should hopefully boost the commercial real estate market;

(v) we expect growth in BTO projects due to increasing lease costs, including soaring rent rates due to high inflation;

(vi) BTS projects will also continue to grow, since Poland is still a great country to invest in, mainly due to its exceptional location in Central Europe and a lot of market space compared to more developed European markets.

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