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The President of the Republic of Poland has received a bill amending the Act on Spatial Planning and Development and certain other acts


The proposed legislation introduces new spatial planning instruments that will replace or supplement the existing solutions.

➡ According to the bill, each municipality is obliged to adopt a general plan (Polish: plan ogólny) by 1 January 2026, which will constitute an obligatory element of spatial policy, have the status of a local legal act, and will replace the zoning study. The provisions of the general plan will serve as the basis for adopting local plans and issuing planning permits (Polish: Decyzje o warunkach zabudowy). For planning permits, the general plans will designate the areas where they can be obtained; in addition, these permits will cease to be valid indefinitely – pursuant to the amendment, planning permits will expire five years after becoming final.
➡ There will be a new, specific form of local plan, which will be the integrated investment plan (IIP) (Polish: Zintegrowany plan inwestycyjny), replacing the special housing law, which will expire on 31 December 2025. The IIP will be drawn up at the request of a developer or investor, upon the conclusion of negotiations with the municipality and the execution of an urban planning agreement, setting out the detailed rules for implementation of the project and the obligations of both parties.

We recommend reviewing the main premises of the amendment as outlined in the diagram below, while if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.